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 We are thinking about using bingo packets. How many do we have to order?
Bingo packets, regardless on how many games are in the packet, come in cases of 3,000 packets.
 Does 3 Diamond have any bingo packets in stock?
We maintain an inventory of 3v10 (3 faces per sheet, 10 games per packet) at all times. All other bingo packets are custom ordered so please allow enough time for us to get them in (2 months).
 How long does it take to get an order of bingo packets?
It typically takes 6-10 weeks for bingo packets to come in from the time we order them.
 Does the color of my bingo paper make a difference?
For game play, it makes zero difference what color paper you are using. However, the bingo paper color must be included in the program along with the price per sheet.
 How many sheets of bingo paper are in a single sheet case of paper?
There are 3,000 sheets per case of paper.
 Can I change the price that I sell bingo paper for in the middle of a case?
No, when bingo paper is invoiced, your "sell price" is listed on the invoice. The only way you can change the price of bingo paper is if it is unopened and you return it for a credit and rebill. Once it is opened, then you cannot change the price you sell it for. This applies to both single sheets and packets.
 Can I buy bingo supplies online?
Bingo paper, bingo cages, and bingo blowers are all considered gambling equipment and must be purchased from a licensed distributor. Bingo daubers and bingo balls may be purchased anywhere.
 Can I play a double bingo? Two consecutive games using the same card?
Yes you can, and you can actually play up to 3 games on the same card. An example would be: Game 1: Regular Game 2: Letter X Game 3: Cover-all All games are considered a separate game.
 What is "Hot Ball"?
"Hot Ball" happens when someone bingos on a predetermined number. Prizes can change from game to game, but cannot exceed $500 for a sessions. You need to pick a new hot ball number after all cards have been sold for that particular game. You CANNOT pick a "Hot Ball" at the beginning of the session to be used for every game.
 I am making a bingo program, what do I need to include?
Your bingo program should include: -Games that will be played including diagrams of what a winning pattern looks like -Description of the paper being used. Color and how many faces per sheet. -The date that the program was implemented -Prizes being awarded. -Can include the house rules as an alternative to posting a rule sign.
 Do I need to do prize receipts for bingo?
Yes, for all prizes over $100. Many bars will limit single game prizes to $99 to avoid prize receipts.
 Can I borrow my bingo supplies to other organizations?
You can borrow everything to other organizations other than bingo paper.
 What are the session prize limits for bingo?
Single Game and Progressive Consolation: $500 Cover-All: Not to exceed $2,000 during a session Cover-None: Not to exceed $2,000 during a session Progressive: Maximum to start is $500. Can increase by up to $100 per occasion. Cannot exceed $2,000 Hot Ball: $500 per session.
 Do we pay rent on bingo?
No, bingo and raffles are two things that you do not pay rent on.

Electronic Pulltabs

 Do bars pay out major winners on electronic pulltabs?
All electronic pulltab winners must be paid out at the bar. If a player cashes out more than $600, you must do a prize receipt.
 How many electronic pulltab devices can my bar have?
The maximum number of devices is determined by the seating capacity of the location which can be obtained from the Fire Marshall. The limits are: 199 or less: 6 devices 200 or more: 12 devices Bingo Hall with 100+ seats: 50 devices It is important to remember that patios do NOT count toward the seating capacity.
 With all of the news regarding E-Tab changes, what are the important dates to remember?
There has been a ton of information, and at times misinformation regarding the changes to etabs. The important dates to keep in mind are: AUGUST 1, 2023: The state no longer will approve games that don't meet the new criteria. Keep in mind, games that had already been approved (even if they aren't on the machines yet) can remain on the devices or be placed on them throughout 2024. JULY 1, 2024: Manufacturers are limited on their revenue share to 25% of the gross profits. JANUARY 1, 2025: All games on the devices must meet the new standards which include removing the "open all" feature as well as bonus/free play games.
 When do I have to do a deposit?
Deposits must be made within 4 days of: Net receipts go over $2,000. After closing the last day of the month. Always make full deposits, bringing your bank down to the start bank.
 Do we need to do prize receipts?
You must do a prize receipt for anyone that cashes out over $600. It doesn't matter how much they win throughout their playing session, all that matters is how much they cash out.
 How much does an organization make on electronics?
This is rough estimate: $100,000 Gross Play $13,000 Gross Profit (assuming 87% payback which is about average) $3,250 Manufacturer Revenue Share (at the new 25% rate taking affect July 1) $4,680 Combined Receipt Tax if you are in the 36% bracket. $1,950 rent (15%) $3,120 PROFIT. Between 3-4% of gross play is a good ballpark number of what the organization will end up with. This doesn't take into account any wages, accounting, etc....


 Can I get custom sized box dispensers?
Yes, we can typically make a custom sized box to fit any space. Cost is typically slightly higher, but please allow for 3-4 weeks to complete.


 Does an organization need a license to order from 3 Diamond?
Yes, organizations need to have a license in order to purchase gambling supplies from 3 Diamond.
 Is it legal to have two organizations in one location?
It is legal, contact your sales rep or compliance officer for further information.
 The location that we have a premise permit for has been sold, what do we need to do?
You must get a new lease signed and notify the state (form LG215) within 10 days of the transfer of ownership.

Linked Bingo (Booty Chaser Bingo)

 We had a big winner (Major or Minor Jackpot). What are the next steps?
-All bingo winners of $599.00 or less will be added to your e-tab device to be played or cashed out -All winners $600.00 or over require a Linked Bingo Prize Receipt to be sent to the linked bingo provider. -Prizes of $1200 or more also require a W9. These prizes will be paid by check or ACH.
 What hours can people play Booty Chaser Bingo?
MONDAY-THURDAY 11:00am-2:00pm 3:00pm-10:00pm FRIDAY 11:00am-2:00pm 4:00pm-2:00am SATURDAY 11:00am-2:00am SUNDAY 11:00am-10:00pm
 Is Booty Chaser Bingo going away?
It is not, and the state is not mandating any changes to Booty Chaser Bingo.

Paddle Wheel and Tipboards

 Do we have to do prize receipts for meat raffle or tipboards?
You do if the prize is over $100.
 One of the bar owners would like to supply the prizes for meat raffles, is that allowed?
It is allowed, but the prizes must be purchased at 50% of the value.
 What are the basic rules of paddle wheels?
-All tickets must be sold before the spin. -The spin must make 4 revolutions around. -If it lands on top of a peg, the preceding number wins. -Can sell multiple cards at once and spin once. That winning number wins on all cards.
 Do I have to close out all paddle tickets at the end of the month? How about tipboads?
You must close out all OPENED paddle tickets at the end of the month. You can carry over any unopened paddle ticket packages. Tipboards do not need to be closed out at the end of the month.
 What tipboard and paddle wheel options do you have?
TIPBOARDS: $1.00 with a $15.00 prize (packs of 12) $1.00 with a $20.00 prize (packs of 12) $2.00 with a $40.00 prize (packs of 12) $5.00 with a $100.00 prize (packs of 4 and 12) PADDLE TICKETS $1.00 packs of 10 $1.00 packs of 25 $1.00 packs of 50 $2.00 packs of 10 $2.00 packs of 25


 Do we have to do prize receipts?
Yes, you must do prize receipts on all winners over $100.00. Many organizations opt to do prize receipts on winners over $50, but it is not required. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must do prize receipts for all "Last Sale" prizes of over $20.
 What is a last sale? Should I be using them?
A last sale is an optional added winner for the last non-winning ticket in a box. Many organizations use them to incentivize players to play a game until the end. The standard last sales are 100x the wager (100 last sale on $1.00 games, 200 last sale on $2.00 games, etc...) but organizations can choose whatever they want up to the prize limits and cannot make the game go over 85% payback.
 Do we have to post which winners are out of a box?
You do not have to post winners, and many organizations will elect to have some "posted" games and some "non-posted" (often called mystery) games. If you do decide to post, you must post all winners that are 50x the bet.
 On a pick game, what all do we need to keep?
On a window/seal game, sellers should staple the winning ticket and any winning windows to the prize receipt.


 We have a site that had a number of games go negative this month, and ended up losing money at that site for the month. What do we do for rent?
A bar will never owe the charity rent, so if a bar is -$2,000 for a month their rent check would be $0. Also, they would start fresh the following month. So in the rare case that a site is negative for the month, the locations rent check is $0 and the charity takes the loss. Important Note: The location would still owe the charity for any cash shortages (assuming it is a bar-op).
 Who pays cash shortages?
It depends on being a bar-op or a booth-op. BAR OP: If it is a bar-op, the location is responsible for all cash shortages. BOOTH OP: If it is a booth-op, the organization is responsible for all cash shortages.
 What happens to cash overages?
If a box is closed and there is more money than there should be in the box, that money is the charities. In these instances, it is often a good idea to look at the other games to make sure that the mistake wasn't made in one of the other games.
 Can you explain the differences between bar-ops and booth-op rent?
BAR OP Who is responsible for shortages: Bar Who is responsible for wages: Bar What is the rent cap: None Rent on pulltabs, paddle tickets, tipboards, V2/horse racing, and sports tipboards: 20% Rent on Electronic Pulltabs and Linked Bingo: 15% Rent on Bingo/Raffles: Zero BOOTH OP Who is responsible for shortages: Organization Who is responsible for wages: Organization What is the rent cap: $1,750 Rent on pulltabs, paddle tickets, tipboards, V2/horse racing, and sports tipboards: 10% Rent on Electronic Pulltabs and Linked Bingo: 15% Rent on Bingo/Raffles: Zero IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using a vending machine as a bar op, the bar is responsible for all shortages due to paying out prizes. Organization is responsible for all shortages due to machine malfunction.

Sports Tipboards

 What sports can I use sports tipboards for?
All professional sports. You CANNOT use them for college sports.
 Do I need to do prize receipts for sports tipboards?
Yes, on all winners over $100. IMPORTANT NOTE: All winners are separate. So if someone wins the first quarter prize ($50) and the final prize ($75) they do NOT have to do a prize receipt because those were separate wins. If you are playing a higher denomination game and someone wins the first quarter prize ($100) and the final score prize ($200) you must do TWO prize receipts, not a single $300 one.
 What is the highest denomination that we can sell sports tipboards for?
Sports tipboards are available in $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, and $10 denominations.
 When can we sell sports tipboard tickets?
Tickets can be sold any time leading up to the game and while the game is being played. Tickets CANNOT be sold after the game is over or after the seal has been opened.
 Someone won but wasn't around at the end of the game. How do we handle that?
The winner has 7 days after the event to collect their prize. If they do not collect within 7 days, the organization deposits that money. IMPORTANT NOTE: A sports tipboard game is considered completed when all prize amounts have been redeemed or 7 days after the event. Deposits must be made within 4 days of the board being completed.

V2 (Horse Racing)

 How much is a V2 system?
The purchase price for the base system s $1,475. This can be leased monthly as well. Contact your sales rep for more information.
 What is the Random Ball Generator for the V2 system?
The Random Ball Generator (RBG) is a new program that works on the V2 system. It is an extra cost (contact your rep), but it replaces the need for a traditional bingo cage. It displays on the televisions in the bar and it randomly selects balls on the computer (V2 system). Video Link: https://youtu.be/8Ds3LGId4m4?feature=shared

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